some progress.

Since my last post, there's been lot to tell i guess. Some baaaad, some good news. First the worst one, I couldn't get the job that i told before here. They first accepted my application but then they didn't respond to my e-mails. I asked to someone else and he said application was not accepted. So I wasn't counting on this very much already.
Other than that, I started working with Prof. Astley besides working with Prof. Unak. So I have no time in weekdays, seriously. From 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, sometimes even later, I'm at school. We tried to synthesize a Schiff base with Prof. Astley but at first we thought the reaction we are expecting did not occur. Yesterday I made it again from the beginning and the result was the same, then something happened and we came up with the idea that reaction might have been occured. Next week we're gonna analyse whether it did or not. Also Prof. Unak tried to bring some of his memory back about computer programming and he was kinda successful. We are going to do Monte Carlo calculations on "Microdosimetric calculations of F-18".
I also made some ads about my translation job and place them where people can see easily. Besides, me and Serhat are starting to give private English courses. As you can see, I need cash :D
Today I will get a bottle of tequila which my mom brought from duty free for me. Also a new Cavalli perfume and a shower gel.
On wednesday 29th October, we went out like 20 people and it was kinda crazy night compared to usual ones, but don't even compare this with Swedish nights ;) I kinda started to study for TOEFL but I don't think this will last long, as you know I'm like a lazy biatch.
Something else, now I'm the head of EBILTET Chemistry Group. EBILTET means Ege Uni. Sci. and Tech. Union. I was at the first meeting on tuesday and i tried to impress the attendees which were not more than 10. I hope I impressed them and was an inspiration for them. That's what I want for my life you know. My biggest aim in this lame life. If I start talking 'bout this crap, it will long like hundred pages so I'm gonna stop here and say goodbye to everyone. If you are really following my blog, I appreciate that and thank you very much. Älskar dig allt !!!