nothing extraordinary.

Once again, hi.
A week after my last post, nothing extraordinary happened but I guess there's some to tell. About a month ago, I bought a watch from eBay which is exactly the same with the one I use - D&G. I bought it to sell and make profit but there was something that I didn't know. When I bought it, US $ was 1.25 YTL and it was very cheap, however after my credit card bill sent, i've found out that bank calculates the currency on the day of billing so, that day one US $ was 1.70 YTL. That really pissed me off and i decided to quit using credit cards. - I am selling this watch on for 300 YTL so if you think about buying a cool watch from D&G, just go there and search for "d&g unique".
Yesterday, it was an important day for our department, even for the faculty. Thanks to Prof. Unak, he brought 5 mCi of F-18 radioisotope which has 110 minutes of half-life to our laboratory and we made some experiments with it. We had to use it in couple of hours because it just decays to 0-18 completely around 8 hours. So we tried 4 ways to make a compound labelled with F-18 but i can't say we succeeded. Instead, we found out that labelling does not occur in presence of Iodogen. That is also something. At least Prof. Unak said that :P

Something else, I'm now the head of EBILTET Chemistry Research Group. I made my first meeting and got some ideas, got some opinions there. Next one is on Monday, 10th November, in EBILTEM Conference Hall, 2nd Floor so if you are a member of EBILTET, you better show up there. I want to mention that the meeting will be held in English.

That's all that i can come up with for this time. I hope this blog is not boring because I know there's not many people reading this and i really appreciate people that reads my blog. Thank you so much. -with love and respect-. HEJDÅ !!!