the new and the last school year

6th of October 2008. The senior university year begins.
This is my 17th school year, since I am 21 years old, it feels like i was born to study :P

I hope this won't be my last year with studying. As you know I have further goals about science. Today I came to school and meet friends and now we're on lunch break and just had lunch. It was a little awkward though.

Since I don't have internet at home for couple of days, I am really getting bored. Today, we're gonna go and see Prof. Unak and talk to him about diploma work. Also, today I will go and see someone about Nucleonica Training Course and I need to talk to Prof. Cetinkaya and tell him that I will miss Inorganic Lab. this week because of this Training Course. Now I have to go, I will keep this updated as much as I can.

See you