the birthday

14th October 1987, it was the day that started my life, my happy, sad, exciting, exhausting, inspiring, depressing and joyful life, just like any other one. So thru the years that has gone in the blink of an eye, I reached 21 now. Yesterday night was fun for me, not for all I guess. Anyway, only thing I wonder is, did I make a difference ? Throughout these years, did I succeed ? Was I enough successful to pride ? Answers to these questions generally differ but I can say, so far I don't think I made a big difference. I might be different but it's not the same. Next couple of years are gonna be the most important ones of my life, at least I think that. Today I'm applying for a traineeship in Karlsruhe, Germany. If it happens, I will make one of my little dreams come true. It's kinda revenge. I'm not actually a revenge person but it was so NOT fair which they did to me. I deserved something and I couldn't get. So ? There must be a revenge, or at least some point to make them feel awful and regret. Soon or later, that's what I'm gonna do. Just like everyone says, life goes on, and mine, even faster... Once again HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY for me!!!
- Do your best Ümit !
- I will, you can count on that.

Hope to meet here again with an entry which tells how I got the job. =) Hejdå !!!