10th Nucleonica Training Course

Just 2 days after school started, there was a training course in Cesme, Izmir, organized by European Comission - JRC - Institute for Transuranium Elements and Ege University Institute of Nuclear Sciences. I guess I wrote about it here before. So I've been there for 3 days, even though I was really sick on first and second days, it definitely worth to go. I got like 40 degrees of celsius fever and I barely slept. Anyway, I really had the chance of meeting very important people there and I had the chance to impress them. I guess I was kinda successful on that. Especially I'm very happy that I met Dr. Joe Magill and I hope I impressed him. In this training course they also gave a book written by Dr. Magill and Jean Galy, both from JRC-ITU and I made it signed by them. Another great thing that I found out during this course, there are 4 projects on ITU for traineeships to apply. Altought my school is not finished yet, I qualify for an application and I'm going to apply. Deadline is 15th of October so I(you also) better hurry. The project I'm applying for is about a fuel of IV. Generation Nuclear Reactors. I hope I can make it. If I got selected, I would be like the happiest guy on earth because there are special reasons about that, reasons that I told in my previous blog entries.
Besides, my birthday is coming soon. I'm trying to decide what to do that day and I hope it goes nice. It's 21. the coolest age ever. :P
Well, that's enough I guess, I have some chores to do. :)
Be well, see you soon.