I was gonna write this couple of days ago but i had some problems with blogger website. Now, it's flawless and here i am. Last week, it was the first teaching experience for me. Since then, I am an instructor in the Nuclear Chemistry I Laboratory Course. It will last a semester and 10 experiments. I will be instructing for 3 experiments in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Same experiments though :P. One of my experiments is "the Technetium-99m generator". If you are a little interested in nuclear medicine or radiopharmaceuticals, i'm sure you know many things about this generator. Second one is Investigation of the absorption of gamma rays in air and various metals, and calculation of absorption constants of these matters". We investigate aluminium, copper and lead here. Of course you can guess which one is the best for stopping gamma rays if you know a little nuclear chemistry. Third and last experiment is very easy compared to other 2. Investigation of the activity of the mixture including 2 different radioactive isotopes and calculating their half-lives. For this experiments , we take 5 background counts and 5 counts from the mixture then we calculate the mean value. Every week we record these mean value and the real calculation will be made after 8 - 9 weeks so we can see the decay of both isotopes.
Also Prof. Unak told us couple of thesis subjects and we need to pick one (or more) of them shortly. They all excite me but i'm interested one of them specially, the one includes Monte Carlo calculations, " Microdosimetry calculations".

Besides these stuff, I also started to a project with Prof. Astley. It's about synthesizing a Schiff base from reaction of L-Cysteine with Salicylaldehyde. We are 2 people in this. First week, last friday, my mate did something wrong and there is no process yet. This friday the reaction will occur probably but it takes couple of hours so i need to go to laboratory before noon. These were the most interesting 3 things happened recently in my life. This year it's gonna be full i guess. Not tough but busy. However, I'm more than ok with that. I want to take the TOEFL exam soon also but i'm worrying about failing because it costs 155 US $! Anyways, that's been too long. See you here soon. I'll keep posting as much as i can... Hejdå!!