Happy Ramadan Fest for Everyone!!

Hi to everyone,

In my religion, tomorrow is hell of a holy day and it has to be celebrated. ;) So it's not just remembering people that matters, also making every single person that u can make happy and being nice to them, especially children. After a little info about fest, I will tell you about my last week in Istanbul. It was usual, i went to CNAEM and worked there last time. However I went to doctor on tuesday and dentist on wednesday. I had complains about my face and my neck, and doctors gave me bad news about both. My neck has a serious problem and my skin is ok but she said theres a chronical disease. On wednesday the dentist thought my number 7 tooth might have a serious problem and it was. So he took it. I lost like liters of blood. :P Now it's Ramadan Fest Eve today, let me tell you a little story about that. When i was little, like 10 years old, my mom was telling me if i have shower on Ramadan Fest Eve or Sacrifice Fest Eve (the other Islam fest) my length would grow 1 cm and i used to seriously believe that. :P Now i'm going to have a shower... See you later... HAPPY RAMADAN FEST FOR EVERYONE!