Just because i'm home and have nothing to do, it's hard to find something to write here. These days i'm just a little interested in Adobe Photoshop etc. and here below, there is one of my works. It's created all by myself, with some help of a tutorial. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to begin my senior year. Then I guess i will be able to find something to write here so often. At least more than that. Next week the school begins but I can't go because Ramadan Fest is just a week away and I can ditch school for a week and be in Istanbul in Ramadan Fest. Then, about 4 - 5 October, I will be on my way to Izmir and there's a chance for me to be an instructor in the Nuclear Laboratory. I hope that happens. Actually Prof. Unak wanted us to call him next week and it might be about that. Next week I'm also thinking to work at CNAEM for an extra week. This is the last week I got free before school starts so I guess instead of getting bored at home, working will be good for me. I guess these are the most boring times of my life :P. See ya soon.