the Dream of Particle Physics

From now on, I decided to write my blog in English. It's because more people could read it this way, also I don't think any Turkish person reading my blog already.

Now I'm in Istanbul, waiting for my school to start, trying to write my internship report, trying to study really hard for TOEFL and so on...

Let's just remember what I've done since my last blog;

Between 2-5 September, I was in Bodrum, Turkey for a really cool reason. There was a Particle Accelerators and Detectors Summer School. It was 4. of the series and I regret that I couldn't participate first three schools. To be honest, it was NOT absolutely funny because you know they are usual, boring physicist, unlike R.P. Feynman. I was alone in Bodrum nights but didn't really care though. The lectures were really good and taught me a lot about particle physics.

After that, I came back to Izmir and me and some friends went to Turan Hoca for helping him clean the huge mess of Nuclear Laboratory. It took 3 days, and then I came back to Istanbul. Just before I come back to Istanbul, I've found something exciting. I was looking some schools for my post-graduate studies and somehow I just found out a lab in Sweden. One of its kind there, MAX - Lab. A Synchrotron Radiation Based Sciences Laboratory. I guess it is where I want to study in future. For now, it's my ambition and I'm going to do everything to get accepted there. This year, I have also other big plans for my classmates, but I ain't tell them here because I don't even know them yet. :P Just wait and see what happens. This year, this year is gonna be mine. You can count on that.