Always look on the bright side of PG life.

Always look on the bright side,

It's a song by Monty Python, but it has more than that for us. Who is us ?

PG is us. PG is our family, it's our home away from home. If you know what PG is, you know how close you can get to any human being on earth.

PG, basically is the initials of the street that we lived for our time in Lund, Sweden. It stands for Parternas Gränd, but for us it stands for our friendship,our family, our perfect times in Lund.

Before I came to Sweden, like I wrote here before, I was thinking every single day, that it's going to be a great year. However, as soon as arrived here, even the very first day, I met my amics per sempra. That's something different. It's not possible to be described by any words in any language on earth.

Now, there's only a number of days left, to leave each other, and some of us even left, but we are still together here in PG. We may not see each other for a while, but it does not mean that we forget any of our members.

Guys, let me tell you something;

I love PG, and I will never ever let it slip from my mind, not one second.

See you soon, in PG.