how precise I am.

I say that, because the title of my last post like months ago, still stands for itself.
act. always.

I used to say;
think. always.

but time is changing, so is people.

For me, the time is to take some action now. The year of my life is gonna finish in 2 months, and I kinda know what's gonna happen this summer. What abour afterwards ? No frickin' idea!

We will see, of course...

I just write this post at this time of the night, because I feel like bored and totally sober, after a usual "night-out". This should be something philosophical huh?
I gotta finish it with some lyrics I memorized, and kinda fits the occasion;

It might not be the right time,
I might not be the right one,
But there's something about us I want to say;
Cause there's something between us anyway...