amics per sempra...

I know I write here so rare, but it's maybe better coz you are even too lazy to read these... Anyway, I don't only write here, but also some other paper spaces, so even though no one reads it, it's good for me.
I've finished the best year of my life in Lund, 4 days ago... With a lovely last day...
Of course I will miss all the friends I had there, and PG, for sure. But let's not talk about the end now, because this is only the beginning.
Me and Mike, we started from Lund, to Turkey, a train trip in approx. 22 days, and on the way I will visit awesome PG people! We wish we could visit all of you guys! Just wait a bit more and sure we will!
Here is the route for my trip. We started on sunday morning from Copenhagen and we were in Berlin in the afternoon. We had a crazy sunday (also monday morning) there with Kasha!, 2 parties from 19 till 09 in the morning, then a quick city tour and our train to Amsterdam. We came yesterday night to Amsterdam, and had a great day here. I think it's better not to share this day on internet. Don't ask me why. :P
Tomorrow, we will do a more detailed city tour, and enjoy the city more...
Next stop, is Brussels on Thursday evening, 17th June.
Wait for it Alex, gonna be awesome!
We have 2 days in Brussels, then we will go to Paris on 19th June morning and see around the city for 7 - 8 hours, then we'll take the train to Bordeaux if everything goes alright.
Here we go Gilles!!!
I cannot say that any of these cities we visit will be crazier than the others, they all have very special ways to be awesome! And Bordeaux will be for sure unique experience for us. After Bordeaux, on 23rd June morning, we will head to Barcelona.
Here comes the Fucking Catalan! A crazy roomie!!!
5 days in sweaty hot Barcelona, will take all the cold away from our bodies. We're both gonna be wasted, and at the same time, HOT!!! After all these Swedish months, I think we will love it!
On 28th morning, we will fly to Pisa, then I arrive to Florence.
Say Hi to Tendino and Francesco, another great roomie!
We are planning to stay until 1st of July there, and then we will head to Turkey. However, We are still in the process of making plans for a stop in Skopje, Macedonia. I hope we can do it too. Pray for it Ivana!!!
When we arrive to Istanbul, I know our small brains will be filled up with all these memories we've had with these awesome people all year in Lund and around Europe.
We just want to say thank you guys. You are the best.
Amics per sempra!!!


Catarina aka Gözde
David aka Berkut
Jochen Bick
Alejandro -my psychologist =)
Nunzia aka Tiger of Sicily
Korcan Kivanc
Charlotte de Monaco
Ace "Sure man"

We need to tell you guys, We are terribly sorry that we cannot visit you, but you already know in the first chance we get, we will do it! Who knows, maybe tomorrow, maybe closer than tomorrow...