final ! days

I think, I am the only one among my classmates who posts a blog article right now. I hear you asking why ? Because we all have important exams tomorrow. However, I am the only one who's not that stressed. Actually, this was my worst course so I gotta be studying right now, but I just can't folks. I just can't. In next couple of hours, I will be very sleepy and probably gonna decide sleeping. Then in the morning I will go to library and wait someone to come and study with me maybe. Let's hope, in a few hours I could deal with this course. I don't know what to write too actually. Oh, I can tell that I passes the hardest course of this semester. If I pass the one which is tomorrow, then there is nothing to worry. You could call me as a college graduate. ;)

Then there is a diploma work. It has to be done until friday. I will try to do it but definitely I don't intend to spend hours and hours on it. My colleagues should do it and I bet they will, at least Im gonna make them have to.

Also there is the "one" thing. I told you about this before. It is still stuck in my mind. I made some plans to deal with it. Hope one of them works. This thing will last until I go Sweden, maybe even after that. So this is a long-term plan. ;)
No need to rush ha? Oh yeaa ;) You can bet that.!

So I'm gonna say goodbye to all of you fellas. I hope I can study for couple of hours tonight. Be well!
Hejdå !!!