Min kudde luktar fortfarande som du.

Hey fellas,

I want to ask you, what can I do to make people read this shit ? I'm so open to your suggestions or whatever... C'mon guys, spread the word, make people read a genius. :P

Nowadays, someone in my situation would definitely say that he is busy as hell, however I can't feel the rush thru my veins. What's the rush here ? :P I have 3 exams left in this next 5 weekdays, I have a huge diploma work to write, and I have an oral exam of diploma work also. Plus, I took a page of article to translate for a friend. Shit ha ? I didn't ever start to study for the exams, didn't start to make research for the diploma work. I guess, once again, I will not be sleeping for couple of nights. Oh but don't you worry, I will stay awake not for studying, just to feel good instead. I hope I can write couple of words. Also all these laziness is just because a reason. I can't tell the reason here but maybe I can give some clues about it. Listen to this song, and then continue please. =)

Deja Vu - Can't Stop Thinking of You

Now do you have a clue ? If you still don't, then watch this ;

Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head

I guess that's enough, but the last thing (and also the title) I'm gonna say is;

My pillow still smells just like you...