after all

Yesterday, I applied to Sweden for a residence permit and that was all. All I should do. I graduated, I am accepted to Lund, I've done everything I should. Now, I could sleep and wake up around 20th of August. During this time I want to study physics and math a litle bit but we all know I will not.
Something new, I have a stepmom since a week. I don't know what to tell about it. So if you wonder, just ask.
Next week I will go to graduation ceremony, so I will be in Izmir for the last time this year.
In these days, I guess I will feel bored but somehow, I'm enjoying the boredom. =)
I know that I am going to have the best days of my life after 24 August, why give a shit about anything else ?

I like the way I move!

Hejdå everyone.