TOEFL, Master in Sweden, et cetera

I know it has been long time since I wrote last time. I just can't get inspired and find somethings cool enough to write here. Now, I am here in Istanbul, I took the TOEFL exam 3 days ago and my memory is full of it, so if anyone needs any advices and/or questions about TOEFL iBT, just go ahead and ask me. Before I took the exam, I was thinking I'm gonna rock its sox off but while the exam, I had hard times. Before the exam I did many practices and they were so easy for me, so I thought I could do the TOEFL just fine but now I'm praying for it to be fine enough. Anways, I will let you as soon as I get the results, around early February. Like I said before, don't hesitate to contact me about any questions or suggestions about TOEFL. As general advice, I strongly recommend all of you to practice A LOT. If you can, go to secialized TOEFL courses and get the TECHNIQUE. Since haven't done anything special for TOEFL so far, and I'm not going to, I guess it is ok for me to get ANY score. Something else, the application process has been changed a little for me. Now I'm applying to 1st. MAX-Lab - Lund University, 2nd. Stockholm University - Neurochemistry Department, 3rd. Umeå University - Chemistry Department and 4th choice of mine is Uppsala University - Chemistry Department. Also you can ask ANYTHING about these schools or education in Sweden, I would like to help as much as I can. And if you know some original information about education in USA, or any other cool Nuclear Sciences, Particle, High Energy Physics facility and/or university, you are welcome to tell me about any of them. For now, that's all I can write, I'm tired and sleepy, hope to see you soon with another inspiring post. Keep your head up, always look forward and think. always.
"You have to trade your youth with something."