Am I cursed ???

On friday, I sent all necessary documents to "" by mail. However, I forgot to do something about it. On website, it was clearly mentioned that every document should be stamped and signed by issuing institution. So, I made my transcript and letter of graduation stamped by my school, however I forgot -actually never thought of it- to stamp my copy of passport. Now, my documents are on the way to Sweden. I don't know what to do. I guess my best choice is having a stamped copy of an ID and send it on Monday for being attached to other documents afterwards. If this works out, I would be really glad. I will try this. Hope it works.

On Wednesday morning, I wrote my Statement of Purpose in 3 hours. It wasn't flawless of course but everyone who read it said it's great. I will publish it here soon. Keep watching.

Also my TOEFL score is going to arrive after 1 February, the deadline. I mailed to MAX-lab and they said it's ok for them. I am a little bit relieved, now waiting for the TOEFL score which I think will be announced around February 1st.
Now, it is just the day before my finals' beginning. I will begin with "Instr. Analysis 2", then "Biosensors" on Tuesday, "Inorganic Chemistry III" on Thursday, between 22 - 27 I will have 5 days break and on 27th Jan., Tuesday, I'll have "Indust. Processes I", 28th "Organic Chemistry III", 29th Thursday "Analysis in Organic Chem." and "Intro. Polymer Chem.". That's all I have. If I pass all of 'em then I might be considered as graduated. ;)
Now, I did not even read one page about exams and considering about doing well on all of them. That's kinda ridiculous, I'm aware. Although I am that much lazy, I still have the spirit. I'm going to rock their sox off!

Spirit for Sweden.

Jag älskar Sverige !!!