coming soon...

I know it is been a while but I could not feel like writing something here. Now I guess it's time because very important times are really getting close. Let me explain my schedule overview for you. In last weeks, I applied for TOEFL exam and 4 Master Programmes in Swedish Universities. 2 of them are in Lund, 1 in Umeå and 1 in Uppsala. I have to send the necessary documents until 15th January, and I will take the TOEFL exam on 10th Jan. Deadline for sending TOEFL results is 1st February. Then, after all this mess, the application results will be announced around early May. Let me tell you something, This is seriously the biggest event in my life. If I got accepted there, let the world stop. I would die, definitely. May Allah be with me. Please, if you believe in me, I want you to pray for me also. Even though i'm a real jerk sometimes, I think I deserve this chance.

Also, if you have any questions about anything, please write me.

Now, I really don't want to write here. After thinking about all these stuff, I just feel like doing nothing. That's something I really need to get over. For now, that's all I'm gonna write. See you some other time. Take care all. Hejdå!!!