just happened.

Yea. Let's talk about my life here in Sweden since 3 months. It is much much better than I expected, despite my expectations were soooo high. Here, I got higher...
Seriously, if you are thinking about studying in the city of Lund, you can ask me anything but I think you don't need to. You should stop thinking and get moving about that. Hmmm. What else?..
Oh I think I gotta talk about the title of this post. At least give some clues.
It was about time seriously, it was getting late. But in PG, we say "Chocolate is better than never."
I had my first exam, it was a home exam and I did it in the last night of course, and delivered. Now, in 5 hours, I will have the oral part of the exam, which can only increase my score. On the other hand, for other course, Introduction to Synchrotron Light, I had 5 reports to do, and I only did 1. The deadline was 1st December, so now I don't know what I should do. It's fucked up I guess. I am fucked up.
Christmas is coming here, and you can see the "lights" allwhere. Literally, allwhere. Swedish people are weird. Do you wonder why ? I can explain you if you are interested. Just ask. I think I will stay here for christmas holiday, altough I'd like to visit my family and my friends, but for me it's ok also this way.
One other important thing, if you come to Sweden, permanently or temporarily, to study, just make sure you have a big scholarship, because altough you can live cheap here, everything fun costs a lot. Seriously, a lot.
Tomorrow, we are gonna have the last big "PG Dinner" and on friday, the final party of "PG Nation". I am pretty sure it's gonna be awesome, if you are reading this and present in Lund, just be sure the party is in your schedule.
Whatever, this is getting too long. I'm having the best here, trust me.
"See you late"
P.S. If you wonder what "PG" is, find me on Facebook.