(do) I rock ! ?

Until today, I was thinking that 2009 is so damn awesome year for me. However, today I got some news about some things and once again, my mind is so confused. I found out about a guy, who scored 100 (top score) on the Turkish GRE. Also his GPA is 3,97 over 4,00. What kind of people are these ? I be spoiled sometimes and I consider myself as a genius, and if I am a genius, what are they ? I guess I am just a fake one. A fake genius. Now one more time I learned that I am not on the top of anything. I am not even a little bit close to the top. That is strikingly harsh.

Let me tell you about the recent news in my life. I went to Germany for 10 days, between 17 - 27 May, and lived the life that I missed once again. I did an awesome trip there. I went to Stuttgart, Karlsruhe (mostly), Heidelberg and Munich. After a while from my return, I got the official acceptance letter to Synchrotron Radiation Based Sciences Master Program at Lund University, MAX-Lab, Sweden. Then on 16th of May, me and 5 other friends went to Bodrum for 5 days, for the last long holiday of our university lives. It also could be called "nice" and "funny". After all nowadays I am dealing with the writing of my diploma work and then I have 5 exams between 1 -12 June and then, I am - only if everything goes fine - officially graduated. By the way during the past months, I had a girlfriend. It didn't last long, it wasn't meant to last long already. Besides everything, it made me realize what I want and what I don't want. In may, I applied for the Swedish Institute Scholarship. It is about 700 Euro per month and if I got that scholarship, it means my life is saved. Gotcha ? I am soooo close to it.

Wish me luck & pray for me.

Hejdå allt.