after a long time...

Last time I posted a blog was about 3 months ago right ? I'm sorry about that, but that's because I know no one reads my blog. Honestly, I don't really feel sad about it. So be it.
Today, I can tell many news but I guess I won't remember some of them again.
Where were we last time ? Yea, my TOEFL Score was announced : 104 over 120. That's awesome ha ? ^^It's only the beginning of the story...^^

I took 7 classes in fall semester and I succeeded - ALL OF THEM - yea ALL !
Actually there are some happenings but who cares, I passed ALL.

Then, the Germany thing. The training course, organized by European Commission - Joint Research Center - Institute for Transuranium Elements: 1st Advanced Training Course on Illicit Trafficking and Consequence Management with Nucleonica. I made an application for participating in this course, because if I got accepted, they would cover my travel and accomodation expenses.
I also want to mention that this course will be organised in Karlsruhe - Germany, where I would go if I were the Erasmus student of my department. So this is like an answer to the person who selected the Erasmus student ha ? isn't it ? I think absolutely it is...
After the selection made, I got an e-mail, in which they mentioned I got ACCEPTED. If you couldn't read, let me say that again, "ACCEPTED". Now only thing I have to do is prepare some documents for visa and for reimbursement of my money. The rest is joy. I will be in Karlsruhe for 10 days I hope.

Another thing, which excites me the most, is Sweden. After some e-mail traffic with Prof. Schröder, I got the news that I fulfill all the requirements and therefore -inşallah- I will be accepted to the Lund University - MAX-lab - Master Programme on Syncrotron Radiation Based Sciences. On, now it says : PLACE GUARANTEED as my application condition. If this happens, you will absolutely see it here the minute I find out.

Now, my midterm exams are about to begin. I only have 5 classes this semester, and I am hoping to pass them all easily. Let's all hope that happens. :P
That's all for this time I think, I don't want to keep it longer and get you bored. If you want to ask me ANYTHING but ANYTHING, just write me, leave a comment here, e-mail me or something like that....

One last thing, I will soon publish the "Statement of Purpose" which I wrote to Lund University - MAX-lab for my application.

Jag älskar Sverige !!! Hejdå !!!