fitter. happier.

4:32 am,
Lund, Sweden

It's not always carpe-fucking-diem.
There is a bigger picture.
Your family expects something, your relatives, friends, everyone around you expect you to accomplish somethings. More productive.
You need to study, you need to work, go to gym -preferably 3-4 times a week-, get a lover, get a boner... cook food, wash your clothes, dishes, clean your house, clean yourself, go online, write a blog, go to facebook, put some wise crap on your wall...
"Karma is a bitch, ain't it ?"
Don't be fooled by words like "the world is your playground", because it fucking isn't!!!
It just gives you more and more drawbacks, everyday.
If you are a dreamer, go ahead, make 'em real. Then what? Here comes the next dream.
When you are 70, you'll realize your dream wasn't none of that shit.
Get your head out off your ass.
Open your eyes.
Your life doesn't make sense.
Therefore, here I write you a prescription from Hawksley Workman;

Smoke baby, smoke baby
more alcohol baby
cocaine in Montreal
and black out on the plane baby...