what a wonderful world...

Now, this is something usual, and something rare...
You may as well call it something ordinary, no significant information right here, however if you feel that way, well then I just choose to be taking some notes for myself right here, and you just stumbled upon 'em accidentally, and maybe even spent some of your valuable time to read them. Well, I cannot do much about that but apologize...
Today, was another day to die.
Today, was another day to party.
Today, it was something else up there.
We proceed, to life.
What I tried to tell above, is something that you just care when you're happy, optimistic and feelin' good.
The butterfly thingy. ;)
Like the man says in a Serbian song;
Leptiri u mom stomaku, uvek me na tebe potsete.
Ja ih uspavam na foru, al te osete.

And right now, Oasis says that "You're my wonderwall."
So I have my reasons while I'm being optimistic.
What 'bout you?

I just hope for something good in the future, and get happy with that.
So do yourself a favor today, get happy.

You never know when love joins to the game...
Like we say in PG;

Maybe tomorrow, maybe closer than tomorrow...