what do you expect ?

I just came home from a party in this beautiful city of Lund. It's been exactly 2 months since I came, and I can easily say that it was the best achievement -or whatever you call it- of my entire life. I cannot tell you what was going on here since 2 months with couple of words. However, I can try to do it for today.
Yesterday night, while I was having good time in another party, I had my rear tyre flat. Then I put some air and came home but in the morning, it was flat again so it was obvious that something was wrong. Then around 4 in the afternoon, I fixed and tried it...
Voila! It seemed nice.
Around 6.30, I went to this "Tack Sittning" which is organized for us, as a prize for one night work in Helsingkrona Nation. I had a good dinner there, and I moved to the club, but it was not that cool, so I came back home. There was some friends together, having some pre-party, which I joined immediately. After sometime, we decided to go to this party in Delphi. When we arrived, there were maybe 30 people, but more or less it was like everything but party. So we thought that these people need some action. Then we just brought the party spirit there. Around this time, like 12, I started to feel good. Then we smoked a joint, and I was gooood. Actually, I peed from 3rd floor. It was just for fun. Trust me it's not disgusting, you wanna do that, I can feel. If you are a girl, I'm sorry then, this is something that you can never ever feel in your whole life. :P
Then we moved out towards home but somehow I found myself in the same party again. It was kinda boring that time but some Danish girl tried to learn Turkish for maybe an hour, and the only words she managed to learn was "merhaba" and "güle güle" which means "hello" and "bye bye", respectively. Quite impressive, right ? After that me and Albert decided to leave this time, but downstairs we saw a girl and asked her about "Sasha" and she told us that he's in the kitchen. When we went to this kitchen, some people were waiting for us, and they offered us a ping-pong table and rackets, so we started to play table tennis in this unknown-kitchen. It was quite fun though. There I found out that Albert is not only a fucking Catalan, he is also a fucking good table-tennis player.
After the game, with some struggle, we managed to find the way home and at home we just smoked another joint, and started to talk all stupid and silly stuff, and I wasn't even following what I was talking about. It was quite a relief for me though. Then he went to his room and now I guess I'm supposed to be sleeping but I just don't want to. Here I am, writing this piece of shit. Ask me if you have any fucking questions, I would gladly answer. Or not, I'm not sure about that, coz I'm fukin high!